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Property Division

Our family lawyer will oversee your property division in The Midlands including Lexington and Columbia, SC

After your divorce or separation is finalized, you'll want a qualified third party to guide you through the process of dividing property and other assets. Sandra Hebert is an experienced family law attorney who will make sure that equitable distribution occurs in compliance with:

  • A mutual agreement
  • A property settlement
  • A judicial decree

Sandra Hebert will take stock of all shared property and assets, along with factors pertaining to their equitable division, to formalize the outcome. Call Sandra Hebert today to consult an experienced family law attorney about property division in the Midlands of South Carolina including Lexington and Columbia, SC.

Sandra Hebert will walk you through the property division process

When you're going through a divorce or separation, Sandra Hebert will talk to you about the factors involved in deciding how assets will be divided. She works to make sure you benefit from a fair and just division at the conclusion of the process.

Sandra Hebert will meet with you to discuss the property division services she can provide. Call her at 803-359-2208 today to schedule a consultation about your legal matters in Lexington, SC.