Legal Separation Lawyer

Legal Separation Lawyer

Turn to Sandra Hebert for assistance with separations in The Midlands including Lexington and Columbia, SC

The state of South Carolina doesn't recognize a proceeding for legal separations. However, if you're ready to part ways with your spouse but not ready to pursue a divorce, an action for an Order of Separate Support and Maintenance is the route to take. Sandra Hebert can guide you through the process.

Sandra has 20 years of family law experience. She can draft a separation agreement and help with issues such as child custody, spousal support, and property division.

What issues will an Order of Separate Maintenance and Support address?

An Order of Separate Support and Maintenance may be issued if the separating parties are living apart but have not been separated for a year. This order will address issues relating to:

  • Child custody, visitation and child support
  • Which spouse will continue living in the formal marital home
  • Which spouse will pay for the mortgage and other housing costs
  • Restraining Orders to prevent either spouse from incurring any debts or disposing of any marital property